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Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connectors

Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connectors

The Reel Power OG patented Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connector is a versatile replacement for standard torus style OEM connectors. The Reel Power OG patented “lock over center” design is ideal for multiple use applications where the need for greater reliability and functionality exist, especially in today’s cost conservative marketplace.

Reel Power OG Loc-Torus hydraulic connector was designed with the operator in mind. Not only does it match the versatility of other Torus style connectors in a variety of applications, including subsea tree, Jumper, riser, tubing head, and flowline applications, but adds greater reliability by using our patented “lock over-center” design.

The connector provides a sure connection at the wellhead, the “lock-over-center” design ensures the dogs are uniformly operated into the engaged and disengaged position, similar to the effect of a light switch. The connector was designed to fit standard subsea wellheads with 10K/15K psi pressure rating, standard wellhead hub or mandrel profiles, and for use in multiple aftermarket applications due to the ability to perform multiple lock/unlock actuations. A visual lock indicator rod gives position feedback via an ROV that the connector is locked. Flow zone components are designed for maximum erosion and corrosion life significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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