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Innovative reel improvements

Radoil, Inc. announces that it has added its patented “Slip Clutch” feature to all of its deepwater umbilical and hose reels to improve their reliability and greatly reduce or eliminate damage to umbilicals, hoses or sheave systems caused by unexpected riser movement or operator error.

Deepwater drilling and production work has become very sophisticated and expensive. The deep sea floor work environment is one of the most severe and extreme work environments known to man. When working on a rig in 12,000 feet of water and 150 miles from the nearest land, tools and equipment must be as dependable as possible. That is why Radoil is pleased to announce an improvement of its umbilical and hose reel systems with the addition of the “Slip Clutch”. The “Slip Clutch” provides a highly desired protection against umbilical, hose or sheave damage and has quickly become a standard feature on all of Radoil’s reels. It is a unique feature in that it works in combination with the brake system to allow the reel to spool out in a controlled fashion even while the brakes are firmly set … it is similar to the drag system on a fishing reel. The “Slip” pressure can be preset to the desired level (usually around 1,000 lbs.). Then, if the riser moves unexpectedly while the reel motor and/or brakes are locked, the “Slip Clutch” will allow the spool to pay out as long as necessary to insure the umbilical, hose and sheave systems are not damaged. This does not in any way damage to the reel.

Since Radoil’s reels are capable of handling up to 13,500 feet of umbilical or hydraulic hose, any damage would be very costly and time consuming to repair or replace. This feature alone makes Radoil’s reels stand out in the industry. However, another feature that is also very operationally beneficial is Radoil’s patented “Banana Curve”. The “Banana Curve” allows the level-wind fleet angle to be adjusted within an 110o range thus allowing hose deployment from the vertical position to just below the horizontal position.

Radoil reels are built and tested to be very sturdy and reliable, but it is the addition of these two features that make them the preferred reels. Spare parts kits are available so the reels can be readily maintained in the field. Per customer request, Radoil will design reels that can be operated locally at the reel, or from a remote control panel or both. Control panels can be configured to operate as many reels from one station as requested.

Requests for information about Radoil, Inc. may be directed to:

Tim Blythe
VP of Sales


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