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Offshore Loading Stations

Offshore Loading Stations

WORLD’S MOST COMPACT Offshore Loading Station
37% Smaller Footprint
18% Lower Weight

Offshore Loading Stations are designed to provide reliable, safe and efficient fluid transfer in various offshore applications. These systems can improve efficiency and safety on jack-ups, semis, drill ships, TLPs and FPSOs — any Offshore vessel where fluid and dry products are loaded from a service/supply vessel.

Longest hose life available
• 4 times longer hose life
• Minimizes UV exposure
• Minimizes chance of kinking, impact & hang ups to hose
• Reduces hose fatigue

Safest means for storing and deploying hose
• Neatly and safely stores the hose
• Minimizes trip hazards and deck space usage
• Powered deployment and retrieval of the hose
• Minimizes manpower and operator exposure

Most environmentally safe loading operation
• Decreases chance of spills
• Minimizes chance of hose breaks and failures
• No need to break and make connections
• Ready access to hose ends during deployment
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