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  • Loc-Torus II Remote Hydraulic Frac Connector

    Loc-Torus II Remote Hydraulic Frac Connector

    The Reel Power OG Patent Pending Loc-Torus II -Remotely Operated Hydraulic Frac Connector is specifically designed to Lower Operating Costs and Improve Safety for the high demands of hydraulic fracturing applications.  ...
  • RADA Clamp

    RADA Clamp

    The Reel Power OG RadaClamp is a compact remotely operated hydraulic connector designed to replace standard flanged or mechanical clamp connections thus significantly reducing operator time and cost as well as risk factors for personnel operating beneath heavy hanging loads during surface/ land operations....
  • Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connectors-10

    Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connectors

    The Reel Power OG patented Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connector is a versatile replacement for standard torus style OEM connectors. The Reel Power OG patented “lock over center” design is ideal for multiple use applications where the need for greater reliability and functionality exist, especially in today’s cost conservative marketplace.  ...
  • Choke_&_Kill_Connectors_1

    Choke & Kill Connectors

    Product Description Our 10,000 p.s.i & 15,000 p.s.i. Choke and Kill Connector is pressure balanced and provides a full bore connection for deepwater choke and kill lines. Due to our pressure balanced design Reel Power OG Choke and Kill Connector does not require a locking connection and avoids the high forces of conventional connectors. ...
  • Radoil_Hot_Stabs_1

    Hot Stabs

    The Reel Power Oil & Gas Hot Stabs and BOP Hot Stabs offer a variety of bore sizes and pressure ratings easily added to any system where disconnecting is a must. The Reel Power Oil & Gas Hot Stabs provide a make / break hydraulic connection between the subsea packages which allow a break to be made under full pressure without damaging the resilient seals....

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