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Special Projects

  • Riser_Fairings_1

    Riser Fairings

    Reel Power OG's Full Time Riser Fairings are designed to suppress Vortex Induced Vibrations (VIV) and reduce the impact of forces caused by the water currents against a Drilling Riser or Steel Catenary Riser (SCR). The Riser Fairings help to reduce the effects of repetitive stress forces caused by vortex induced vibrations (VIV) and ocean currents against the structure, mooring system, well...
  • Radoil_Drilling_Riser_Centralizer_4

    Drilling Riser Centralizer

    Reel Power OG's Drilling Riser Centralizer allows the riser to be recovered in currents that would normally make running risers very difficult or impossible. The Centralizer System can be designed and modified to fit your specific drilling rig requirements and dimensions. It is usable on any deepwater drilling vessel but provides the greatest benefit on moored vessels. The Drilling Riser...
  • J-Lay Towers

    J-Lay Towers

    Reel Power OG has designed and built Gimbaled J-Lay Towers with highly automated pipe welding systems that allow offshore pipelines to be laid safely in deepwater. One J-Lay Tower for OSI/Petrobras had a 58 ft. travel and another for Stolt had an 85 ft. travel with dual work stations making it equivalent to a quadruple joint lay system. They contain sophisticated pipe laying controls monitoring...
  • Radoil_WAEF_BOP_Intervention_System _1

    WAEF BOP Intervention System

    The Reel Power OG WAEF (when all else fails) Intervention System utilizes API Standard ROV Interfaces to gain substantial control over subsea Blowout Preventer and completion systems. A standard interface will offer 24 individual hydraulic control signals plus a single torque function capable of 1000 ft-lbs. Reel Power OG unique Frictionless Stabs allow for the insertion of up to 24 hydraulic...
  • Pipeline_Spear_1

    Pipeline Spear

    Reel Power OG ROV Pipeline Spear was designed to recover the cut or parted end of a pipeline from the ocean floor. It is positioned into the end of the pipeline by an ROV then the ROV engages the slips by moving the slip engagement handle to the proper position. The ROV is also able to disengage the slips if necessary. The pipeline is then lifted to the surface by a cable attached to a pad-eye on...
  • Radoil_SCR_Mast_2

    SCR Mast

    Product Description Our Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) Mast was designed to assist in the receiving and placement of the SCR from the pipe-lay vessel. The 400,000 lb. capacity SCR Mast lands on the flow-line porch of the production platform and uses a large chain to receive the SCR from the pipe-lay vessel. It then pulls the SCR up into the center well bay and positions it in the proper receptacle...
  • Arctic_Tundra_Platform_1

    Arctic Tundra Platform

    Reel Power OG  has designed and built an Arctic Tundra Table. This system allows for year round drilling in the Arctic Tundra regardless of the freezing or thawing conditions. It provides a small footprint and is designed to contain all drips/runoff to minimize any impact on the tundra environment. It has an aluminum deck and steel legs to support the topside equipment and all necessary...

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